Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Pile of Books Next To My Bed

I am bored, but don't have the inclination to podcast so I am going to take you on a fantastic journey. I am going to lead you by the hand into my bodoir. You will  notice the thickest carpeting you could ever imagine. Mirrors of the finest quality. Oils...oh...the oils. You will also notice a pile of books next to my bed.

You probably think all I do is read old Flash comics. I do read alot of them but I actually mix some other books in along with new stuff I get. Here is a list. Try not to get too excited.

1) Showcase presents Superman Family Vol. 1

8 page stories involving a flying newsroom and Jimmy having to constantly put on disguises?  Yes please, and inlcude Jimmy's hair tonic.

2) Showcase presents Enemy Ace Vol. 1

On the other hand we have some morally grey stories about a German WWII ace. Great Kubert art and the perfect counter balance to Jimmy Olsen having to win a marbles tournament. No grey area there, Jimmy has to beat the crooked marbles manufacturing company.

3) Alien Legion Omnibus Vol 1

Reading this for the final Aroundcomics book club. So I will save my thoughts for that. Great book and really interesting to compare to the Legion of Superheroes.

4) Some random issues of Kamandi.

If you ever see cheap issues of Kamandi, grab them and go home. Read them. Read them again. If you did not like them, then burn all of your possessions. Move from your home and wander the wilderness. Humans are squires to dolphins in the future. They are trained to protect the dolphins from a being called the "Red Baron." Red Baron was trained by Killer Whales, the natural enemy of the dolphin. Boom...there is one issue. Jack Kirby was on some next level stuff.

Done....get out of my bedroom


  1. I've gotta say that I love the SUPERMAN FAMILY series of Showcases. The next two volumes are just as good as that one. For instance: In volume 2, Superman officially adopts Jimmy as his son then spends the next six pages ridiculing and mocking poor Jimmy. Why? Well, it's probably either a weird attempt to stop the mob, a plan to teach Jimmy some sort of lesson, or it's all some sort of big misunderstanding. I'll let you have the fun of finding out which one is the real answer!

    It sounds like I'm being sarcastic, I know, but I really love these stories.

  2. Great to see Kamandi appreciated.

  3. These DC showcases are a treasure trove indeed!!!

    I'm still waiting on my "Perry White: Diary of a Lover" Showcase. Did that have enough issues before it got cancelled?